What is Kydex?


Kydex history
Kydex was developed in 1965 by the Rohm and Haas Company. Kydex is a thermoplastic whose construction gives the plastic rigidity while also allowing it to be molded into various shapes.
Kydex is a relatively hard material that is lightweight, durable, and easily formed when heated. It can be vacuum-formed to create a perfect fit.
Vacuum forming kydex can produce a thinner profile than injection-molded plastics. Holsters made from Kydex tend to be more durable, strong, and provide overall better retention than its injection-molded holsters.Kydex’s introduction to firearms
Kydex is a material that has been around since the 1960s, where it was used in aircrafts. Since then, It has been used in a multitude of industries and products. Those range from automobile parts to personal safety products.
Kydex was first used as a holster material in 1972 by Bill Rogers. Mr. Rogers, at the time an FBI agent, saw a need for better holster materials that didn't wear out as fast as the leather and nylon he was issued.What is Injection-Molded?
Injection molding is a mixture of materials (most often a nylon polymer) injected into a mold. This process is less costly to manufacture which can lead to inconsistent quality and a less precise fit. It may not seem important to know the difference between Kydex and injection-molded holsters, but every bit of information helps you make a more informed decision and purchase.Can Kydex break? (We'll replace your holster if it does!)
The short answer is yes. Kydex is very durable but it can break or lose its shape if abused or pushed past its limits. If severely stressed, it can develop cracks at stress points–like if you run it over with your car. Kydex can also lose its shape if exposed to extreme temperatures or directly heated-like if you leave your holster on your car’s dashboard on a hot summer day or put a flame/heat gun to it.

Is KYDEX uncomfortable?
No, we go to great effort and hand buff/polish every holster. This eliminates potential sharp edges. Plus the plastic itself is not abrasive. Some injection molded stuff can have injection points and are in general bulkier than kydex; which is a thinner plastic.

How long will Kydex last?
A Kydex holster can last you a lifetime with proper cleaning and care, whereas a leather holster may last 5-10 years with regular wear.Which is better leather or KYDEX?
It really comes down to personal preference which is better. Kydex holsters come out on top when it comes to retention and reholstering. Whereas some might find leather more comfortable, and leather does have that classic look.What colors are available with KYDEX?
KYDEX is available in many colors and patterns including but not limited to Black, Blue, Gray, Multicam, Flat Dark Earth, and many more.

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