Nobody is Coming to Save You (America)

    It's a popular saying in self-defense/self-reliance circles; 'nobody is coming to save you.' And it's not a bad mantra by which to generally live one's life. If you live in the country it's probably already ingrained in you to some degree anyway. Everything is already farther away, the cops, grocery, fire dept, etc. But even if you live in the city or suburbs and things are 'closer', they're still minutes away. And when seconds count, minutes are too much.

     But I think the phrase extends well beyond just the self. It also makes sense for the USA as a whole. As I write this the current administration is asking congress to send a 100 billion aid package overseas. And congress will likely acquiesce. 100 billion. This doesn't include all the aid sent to the Ukraine in the last year. Nor does it touch upon the billions upon billions that the USA provides to other countries every year.

     We are talking about a ridiculous amount of direct financial aid every year. And then there are the intangibles. How many countries ultimately rely on our military strength? We are the world's foremost superpower, both economically and militarily. Even in light of our recently limp and apologetic foreign policy, this country still holds incredible power that when wielded correctly, is unparalleled.

     So what happens if shit ever truly goes down here and we're fighting for our very survival? How many of our allies would have to band together to get 100 billion to send to us? And then how far does that 100 billion go? Let's be real, in such an event, shit is also going down elsewhere. So there's no 100 billion arriving, or military backup. And in the event something is scrounged up and sent over, it's not going to be enough.

     That's right, we're on our own as a country. And it's important we keep that in mind. There are constant attempts (both domestic and abroad) to undermine our liberties and our culture. The onslaught is constant and will not subside anytime soon. Hence why it's so important to always exercise the rights and freedoms we do have.

     The first and second amendments are frayed at the edges there is no doubt. They do not exist to the same degree they once did. But what remains is up to us and us alone to hold. Do you think the UK is going to put political pressure on the USA to keep freedom of speech? What about the 2nd amendment? Is it important to Canada that we have that? No. Nobody is going to bring these things to us; nobody is interested in making sure we retain them.

Nobody is coming to save you America, we are on our own.

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