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         Here at FDO Industries, we are concealed carriers and understand what separates the great holsters from the bad and the ugly. If you're gonna spend the money to carry a firearm it's important to have a holster that is going to not only take care of the gun, but also take care of you. If your life or the life of a family member is on the line you want a holster that is going to function flawlessly in your moment of need. We carry and entrust our lives to our holsters everyday so that you know you can too.

        We offer a 100 year warranty on all our holsters when it comes to any manufacturer defects. (If you find yourself using your holster for more than a 100 years, congrats on the long life! And we'll get you a new one).

        A good holster isn't always the cheapest, but we don't think it should be a financial strain either. That is why we started designing and producing the holsters you have found here. Our utmost priority has always been to ensure uncompromising comfort, function and quality.

        We are proud of our creations, and will continue to push the boundaries of design ensuring you get nothing less than the best holsters in existence!

        Known widely for our innovation, advanced craftsmanship, and reliability, we take pride in offering you several product lines that you’ll love to have. The absolute best reason to have a good concealed carry holster is for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.



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