The Grey Man

What is a "Grey Man?" The generally accepted idea is that it's a person who can blend into any daily scene without standing out; effectively hiding any skills or qualities. As guys who carry a gun every day, we constantly think about and embrace the Grey Man Mindset. In fact, our newest holster line is named The Grey Man, in honor to all of you who embody the above! We asked one of the guys here at work and I think his definition works very well: "Any Place, Any Situation, No Trace."

So, why be a Grey Man? There's 2 main aspects to it, being skilled and prepared, and the other half; not flaunting that. We're gonna quickly cover both sides of that in this article.

Being Skilled & Prepared

Obviously being skilled and prepared is a given, but what all does that entail? You may own a gun, and perhaps you carry it sometimes. But do you train with it at all? Are you prepared to defend yourself or loved ones, even without the use of your gun? We have several training tips available for you to check out. Try setting aside some time each day or week to practice. Not only will this increase your odds of performing well in case a crisis situation arises, but it will also increase your confidence in carrying. 

So you've done some training, good! How prepared are you? We've written a few articles detailing items that we find useful to carry on a daily basis. We've also gone more in-depth and covered things to put in your own bug-out bag. Ultimately, gear isn't necessarily the most important. That's your mindset and the abilities you possess. However, it never hurts to have the right stuff on hand.

Blending In

You've got the first part of being a Grey Man down, now for the second half; not showing it off. The Grey Man will walk confidently and is comfortable in whatever setting he's in, but he doesn't puff his chest out and act tough. He also is not going to open carry on his hip for all to see. In many ways, open carry is more about making a statement and less about self defense. (We can save that debate for another time).

For the most part, the less people know you have a gun on you, the better. You are not meant to be seen. You're the law abiding citizen, who does not stand out from any other person walking down the street. There is no "talk" when it comes to being a Grey Many, just the walk. The difference being, if a crisis situation does occur, you are prepared and acting accordingly. A Grey Man is also going to possess great situational awareness, this article by The Art of Manliness, "How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne." Is a great place to start!

And of course, being a Grey Man is not limited to just men, it is anybody with the mindset and features shown above. What do you think it takes to be a Grey Man?

  • Patrick m Fitzwater says...

    What is the best way to carry this holster?
    Appendix, right side at 3 o’clock position or a little further back?

    On August 26, 2019

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