Introducing the Best Kydex Holster on the Market

The team at Fierce Defender is pretty passionate about making kydex gun holsters that work for a number of different people and in a number of different situations. It’s why we created The Paladin, The Arbiter, and The Grey Man. Each of our concealed carry holster options is created with a different idea in mind, ensuring that firearms enthusiasts are able to carry their weapons in a way that suits them best.

It’s that same idea that led us to create our newest kydex gun holster. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The +1! You get to enjoy the same great level of comfort and adaptability that you find in the rest of our products, ensuring that when you need a custom concealed carry holster that works for you, you’ll find it at Fierce Defender.

So what can you expect from our newest kydex gun holster? Keep reading to find out!

What Makes The +1 So Special?

Well, to put it simply, this is one holster that does it all. Looking for maximum concealment? Check. Adjustable fit to make sure it sits perfectly? Check. Built using the best materials possible? Check. Guaranteed for an entire century against defects? Check.

It really doesn’t get much better than this. With the ability to choose from a number of different colors, what type of belt attachment you like, and whether or not you prefer to add a sweat shield or an optic cut, you can customize The +1 to your heart’s content. Best of all? You won’t be left high and dry in the event that the unthinkable happens thanks to the addition of a spot to safely carry your spare magazine built right into the holster.

Fierce Defender Has You Covered

The truth of the matter is that the team at Fierce Defender genuinely cares about making products that our customers are going to love. We want to combine rugged good looks with real world practicality to make kydex gun holsters that stand up to the type of life you live, ensuring that you have an option to carry your firearm in a way that works best for you.

Because we care, we spent hundreds of hours making sure that every aspect of this holster was just right. When we put out a product, we’re not driven by a desire to get it onto the market as quickly as possible. Instead, we focus on making our holsters the absolute best versions of themselves that they can be because we know that’s what you want. After all, if we can’t proudly wear our own product on a daily basis, we’d never want anyone else to.

That’s why we make the best kydex holsters around. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re not willing to compromise. Your enjoyment of our product matters and we want to make darned sure that if you ever need to use it, it won’t let you down.

Learn more about The +1 here and place your order today. With the fastest shipping times in the industry, you’ll have it in no time at all.

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