What’s in Your Bug Out Bag?

There are a lot of conflicting opinions out there about what exactly should be in a bug out bag. At Fierce Defender, we know one thing for sure- with one of our custom gun holsters on your hip, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

But what else would you absolutely need if you had to simply pick up and go? More often than not, you’ll see casual references to the forthcoming zombie apocalypse, but let’s be honest. That’s never going to happen. What might happen, however, is that you could be forced to leave your home due to a wildfire, a flood, or some other natural disaster.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to be prepared. It’s like we always say- plan for the worst and hope for the best. Either way, you need to have a plan in place. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the things we feel are essential to any bug out bag.

You Have One of Our Custom Gun Holsters on You. What Goes in Your Bag?

Some people will tell you to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but that’s not likely to be what you’d actually need during any given emergency. Here’s our list of things we think might actually be useful if you have to leave your home quickly.

Spare Mags

You never know what’s going to happen out there, so it’s probably best to load up a couple of spare mags and keep them in your bag. You might never need them, but they take up very little space and you’ll be thankful if you do have a need for them.

First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit is absolutely vital. Whether you build one yourself or buy a pre-packaged one from the store, make sure it has what your family needs. Be sure to leave a space for any necessary prescription medicine!


It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A few protein bars and a bottle of water should do the trick.

Extra Clothes

Rotate your choices out seasonally, but if it’s winter, make sure you have an extra flannel shirt and pair of socks. If it’s summer, throw in an extra tee shirt and a light jacket.

A Lighter

Whether you opt for a cheap Bic or a good, old fashioned Zippo, you never know when you’re going to need a lighter.

A Flashlight

Again, it doesn’t have to be anything huge, but it’s a great way to get someone’s attention (or, you know...see in the dark) in case of an emergency.

Portable USB Charger and Extra Phone Cable

This one speaks for itself, doesn’t it?


At least $100 in small bills preferably.

Are You Prepared?

The most important thing you can put in your bug out bag is the thing you absolutely need to make it through a couple of days. If you’re packing to survive for longer than that, you probably need a different plan.

Some will advocate for face paint, binoculars, a fishing kit, soap, and anything else they can think of, but that’s not practical. Take only what you think you’ll need to get by for a few days. Anything else will just weigh you down.

At Fierce Defender, our custom gun holsters have been designed to be there for you when you need them the most. Whatever else you need to be prepared, put it in your bug out bag and make sure you’re ready to go. Until next time!

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