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What’s in Your Vehicle?

We’ve done a fair amount of writing on the items to consider as part of your everyday carry and the items we keep around in our bug out bags that are ready in our homes in the event of an emergency. And we’re not talking about the zombie apocalypse. We know, we know--The Walking Dead has everybody considering what they’d do in the event that zombies overtook the earth, but what’s more likely to happen: a zombie apocalypse or a massive flood that happens while you’re at work? Probably the latter. So are you prepared? You’re all set on a daily basis because you carry one of our kydex gun holsters and your firearm of choice (among other things). Your...

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Introducing the Best Kydex Holster on the Market

The team at Fierce Defender is pretty passionate about making kydex gun holsters that work for a number of different people and in a number of different situations. It’s why we created The Paladin, The Arbiter, and The Grey Man. Each of our concealed carry holster options is created with a different idea in mind, ensuring that firearms enthusiasts are able to carry their weapons in a way that suits them best. It’s that same idea that led us to create our newest kydex gun holster. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The +1! You get to enjoy the same great level of comfort and adaptability that you find in the rest of our products, ensuring that when you need a custom...

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Why We Make Our Kydex Gun Holsters in the USA

For many, buying products that are made in America isn’t a fad. From clothes to appliances to firearms, many products are seeing a resurgence of American manufacturing and for us at Fierce Defender Holsters, it’s a breath of fresh air. We choose to make our kydex gun holsters here in the states as well for a number of reasons. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at why we choose to make our custom concealed carry holsters right here in the good old U.S. of A. A Comfortable Holster That’s Not Made Abroad From the beginning, our country seemed to take pride in making quality items that would last for a lifetime (or longer!) and we’re proud to be a...

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