Celebrate Your Freedom, it was Dearly Paid for

        It's July 4th, Independence day. A great day for family, friends, fireworks and grilling out (I've checked off all of those several times already this weekend). We're fortunate to have such freedoms and more. So let us celebrate and enjoy today, but not forget where it came from. Today is a day paid for years ago, with the blood and lives of courageous people. And more pay that price every day. In order to keep enjoying today it's important to realize it's up to each and everyone one of us to do our part and continue to uphold our freedoms. 

        A lot has changed since America won her independence. Technology, society, the social climate and even the world. The United States has done an excellent job of adjusting and adapting to the changing times. And adapting is good, it's necessary for survival. But there are some timeless principles that this country was founded on, and it's up to us to exhibit these and pass them along to future generations. 

        This holiday exists because of our founder's need for Independence, not dependence. Independence is a hallmark trait of a champion. It's the ability to confidently do something on one's own, without being carried or supported by someone else. Independence is not always easy, but it makes one better and more self-reliant. The birth of our nation was the start of a whole new world; a daunting prospect, but necessary for greatness. The American people have on many occasion been known for their independence, it's important we carry this on in our current lives. 

The Founding Fathers, doing their thing. 

        The revolutionaries had not only the confidence that they knew better than their former rulers, but a desire for absolute liberty. With independence comes liberty and freedom from tyranny. We may not live in a world where we are ruled by kings and queens, but that doesn't mean our liberties aren't at risk. Those who vie for power and dominion won't necessary look like the tyrants and dictators of the past. Instead they'll be cloaked, and come with outstretched arms. It won't happen all at once, but slowly over time. The United States is the greatest country in the world; with unprecedented levels of power. Foreign threats of course still need to be dealt with, but it's important we look inward. Nobody in the world can challenge our military, but if we don't remain vigilant in our liberties and independence, we'll crack from the inside. Uphold and defend your liberties every day, and it'll help keep America strong.

        Equal, not selective justice. The rights of the minority and individual. A balanced government FOR the people. All are other principles the founding fathers built this country on. If you haven't read any of our nation's founding documents, I highly recommend you give them a look. The Declaration of Independence is an easy start and a great read for this particular day. For a much more in-depth read on the ideas and principles behind our government, check out the Federalist Papers. They're long, but broken down into sections, and give a great look into the wisdom and foresight of this nation's founders. 

        Sure, none of us were alive during the tumultuous birth of our country, but make no mistake, now is a very important time for us. Technology has advanced and the social landscape of the country is different now, but the principles and ideals the United States was founded on remain as important as ever. It's up to us hardworking, independent and free Americans to be vigilant and uphold these every day. Our actions now will have a great impact on not only the future of this country, but the world. If we wish to remain the land of the free and home of the brave, we have to act that way. This great nation wasn't easily founder nor will it be easily kept. Carry on America, carry on.


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