What is a Fierce Defender?

        You may see the company name "Fierce Defender" and think, okay, cool. But what does it mean? We agree, we think it sounds cool. But more than that, there's meaning behind it. There are lots of different type of people in this world; some of which would be considered Fierce Defenders. However, many are not. We here at the company consider ourselves to fall into the category of being a Fierce Defender and we know many of you do too. It's a title earned, not given. And it involves not only one's actions, but their mindset as well. Below is a short mantra we came up with that I think really captures, in essence, what it means to be a Fierce Defender. We're interested to hear your thoughts as well. To you, what does it mean to be a Fierce Defender?


Fierce Defender

I do not seek violence.  I do not seek victimhood.  I do not quit.

I choose to be a survivor; I choose to be a shelter; I choose to stand.

I am a Fierce Defender.

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