Celebrate the Fourth of July with a Custom Gun Holster That’s Made in the USA

One of the things we’re most proud about here at Fierce Defender is the fact that we make our products right here in the good old United States of America. With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we’re gearing up for a barbecues with family and friends, games of catch with the kids, and fireworks as the perfect way to cap off the evening. We’ll also be reflecting on how great it is to live in this country.

You see, when set out to make custom gun holsters, we knew that they had to have certain qualities in order to provide our customers with a product that was actually worth selling. What are those qualities, you ask? Great question, and luckily for you, it’s one that we’re answering in today’s blog, so keep reading to learn more!

What Makes Our Custom Gun Holsters Different?

They’re Comfortable

Perhaps the most immediately important aspect of any great gun holster is that it has to be comfortable. After all, if you’re going to be carrying your weapon on you, you don’t want to be dealing with discomfort throughout the course of an entire day.

At Fierce Defender, we make sure that our holsters, whether it’s The +1, The Arbiter, or The Pyre Light Bearing IWB Holster, are comfortable enough to carry. Heck, in one of our recent reviews a customer noted that he nearly forgot he was wearing one of our holsters as he went about his day. Now how’s that for comfortable?

They’re Customizable

Whether your firearm of choice is a Glock, a Sig, a Beretta, an H & K, or something else entirely, you have plenty of options available to you at Fierce Defender. We know that which weapon you carry with you on a daily basis is a very personal choice and we want to make sure that no matter what type of firearm you carry with you that you have a holster that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

That’s why we allow you to choose everything from the color of your holster to what type of belt attachment you prefer to whether you want a sweat shield, optic cut, or claw. You might think that type of customization will cost you an arm and a leg, and normally you’d be right. At Fierce Defender, our goal is to make products that any firearm owner can afford. Speaking of which...

They're Affordable

Custom gun holsters are generally quite expensive, but we’ve worked hard to keep our prices down so that no matter what type of holster you want, it’s well within your reach. The previously mentioned fully custom gun holster allows you to choose your color and add-ons and it could still be had for under forty bucks. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

They’re Made in America

Like we said before, we’re really passionate about this great country of ours. With its beautiful mountains, rolling hills, and charming beaches, there’s plenty to love about this land that we live in. You can even choose to have your holster adorned in a color we call American Flag Blue if it suits you.

You see, we love our country and we’d hate to ship our production overseas, so we just won’t do it. It allows us to keep an eye on how things are getting done and make sure it’s done right. Speaking of which...

They’re Made Well

By making our custom gun holsters in America, we’re able to completely oversee the production in our own warehouse, ensuring that everything is made to the highest possible level of quality. One thing our customers note about our products is that they’re getting an awesome value and they’re surprised at the quality to cost ratio of Fierce Defender Holsters.

Our standard of quality is non-negotiable to us and we’re glad to say that each and every member of our team is passionate about outfitting our customers with products that they’ll love for a lifetime.

There’s Plenty of Variety

When you opt for a holster from Fierce Defender, you know that you’re getting something that’s been made specifically for you. You can choose from a number of different options and allow us to craft a fully custom gun holster that’s unique to you and your needs. Whether you have a specific idea about what color your holster should be or you prefer soft loops to quick clips for your belt attachment, we’ll make it happen, ensuring that you get a holster that works for you and your specific needs.

Order Yours Today

So what are you waiting for? If you carry a concealed weapon, holster it in something special from Fierce Defender. Our products are built to stand the test of time and suit their users to their fullest. Place your order today.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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