3 Fictional Characters Who Would Benefit From Our Kydex Gun Holsters

At this point you probably already know that Fierce Defender holsters are the best around. Whether you’re looking for a product that’s incredible comfortable to wear and conceal on a daily basis or something that won’t let you down in your time of need, you can count on Fierce Defender to have your back. And as a matter of fact, a number of our customers have come to rely on our kydex gun holsters as part of their everyday carry items.

It’s something that got us thinking a bit--which fictional characters could stand to have a Fierce Defender holster? And what holsters would they choose? It’s a topic we’ll explore a bit in today’s blog, so keep reading to learn more!

Which Characters Would Benefit Most from a Fierce Defender Holster?

To tell you the truth, it was pretty hard to narrow this list down to just three. We are incredibly fortunate to have so many different film and television characters to choose from because we live in the golden age of action characters. From recent characters like Keanu Reeves’s John Wick to older favorites like...well, pretty much anyone who Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever played, there are plenty of heroes to draw inspiration from.

Having said that, here are three of our favorite characters that we think deserve to have a Fierce Defender holster in their possession as they go about their days that are filled with making impossible shots and just generally saving the day. Here’s our list:

Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt pretty much perfectly. Although Mission: Impossible started as a television show in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the 1996 film came out that the series exploded (or self destructed--pardon the pun) in popularity. With a sixth film due out next year, you could say that this is one franchise that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Which is just fine with us! Although some of these films have been more well-received than others, we still think that they’re better-than-average action flicks that are home to some of the best action scenes around.

The last two films sit at over 90% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and we think that the new take on the series is fantastic. IMF agent Ethan Hunt has gone through a number of different impossible scenarios and we think he would be a great candidate for our Grey Man holster. If there’s anyone who benefits more from being a Grey Man and staying invisible, it’s Ethan Hunt (or, of course, Jason Bourne).

Jack Bauer

You’d be hard pressed to think of another character who has sacrificed as much for his country as CTU Agent Jack Bauer. Perfectly portrayed by actor Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer has frequently been cited as one of the greatest heroes of all time and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the toughest people we’ve ever seen on television. Throughout 24’s ten seasons featuring Jack Bauer, he has been through everything from nuclear explosions to undercover danger and pretty much everything in between.

The Arbiter would make for an ideal holster for Bauer to carry because it’s a great option for those who need to dress up on a daily basis, but it’s rugged enough to take into the field and be reliable time and time again. Of course (like all of our holsters), The Arbiter is made right here in the United States. Just like Jack Bauer.

John McClane

Pretty much every man’s favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard was released in 1988 and proved that an actor like Bruce Willis who had previously been known for comedies could make a successful transition into being an action movie star, paving the way for other actors in years to come. As New York City cop John McClane, Bruce Willis portrays a character who experiences tough situations but finds a way to push through and save the day in the end. From stepping on broken glass to crawling through tiny vents (not to mention all of the crazy things he does in the sequels), he always finds a way to get the job done.

Our +1 Holster is perfectly suited for a character like John McClane. Its design allows for adjustable retention for both a firearm and an additional magazine, ensuring that it’s ready for anything the bad guy throws your way. With an extra magazine on hand, McClane can be stand up to even the toughest situations with ease. Hey, it’s better than strapping your gun to your back with packing tape, right?

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Although you might not be an action movie hero, there’s no reason not to carry your firearm in a holster that won’t let you down. With a number of different options to choose from, we ensure that you’re always able to get the perfect fit and customize your options to suit your needs perfectly. Need a left handed holster? Prefer a certain color? At Fierce Defender, we allow you to truly make your holster your own so that you have a holster you can rely on if the situation demands it.

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