Finding Your Dominant Eye

        Which is Your Dominant Eye? 

        How do you know which eye is your dominant eye? I'm right handed, so mine is my right eye, right? Not necessarily. That's what I assumed, until I tested it and found out I'm actually left eye dominant. I'd spent over 20 years of my life shooting with my weak eye!

        Luckily, the test is super easy to perform. Hold your arms out in front of you and put your hands together, creating a tiny box, (about the size of a silver dollar) in between your hands. Now pick some object out in front of you and place it squarely within the box. Keep both eyes open and slowly bend your arms, moving your hands back towards your face, all while keeping the item in focus in the box. Keep doing this until the back of your hands reach your face. When you bring your hands all the way back to you face with the item still in focus in the box, your hands will come to rest right over one eye, your dominant eye!

        Another easy way to do this is by holding your arms out and creating the small box between your hands, just like before. Pick an object to focus on, then close one eye. Does the object stay in the box? If so, then it's your dominant eye. If not, then it's your weak eye. You can test this by closing one eye, then opening and closing the other. You'll find that for one of the eyes, (the dominant one) the item stays in the box. For the other eye,(the weak one) the object will no longer be viewable in the box.

  • Michael says...

    Well this taught me that my left eye is dominate. I am right handed. Now knowing this what can I do to better my aim

    On August 19, 2016

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