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Finding Your Dominant Eye

        Which is Your Dominant Eye?          How do you know which eye is your dominant eye? I'm right handed, so mine is my right eye, right? Not necessarily. That's what I assumed, until I tested it and found out I'm actually left eye dominant. I'd spent over 20 years of my life shooting with my weak eye!         Luckily, the test is super easy to perform. Hold your arms out in front of you and put your hands together, creating a tiny box, (about the size of a silver dollar) in between your hands. Now pick some object out in front of you and place it squarely within the box....

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Trigger Work

                   Trigger Work What is it?         Every trigger is as different from one another as your finger prints. We need to become intimately familiar with it. Especially on our EDC (Everyday Carry) piece. Some things to think about when identifying the characteristics of your trigger. Single stage vs Double Stage. Does your trigger feel the same all the way through the trigger pull or does it change just before the firing pin is dropped? Slack - How far do you have to pull the trigger to take the "free play" out of the trigger? Effort - How much effort does it take to take up the slack? How much effort does it take to get to the pressure...

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