FD EDC Series - Part 1

Welcome to part one of the Fierce Defender EDC (everyday carry) series. Over the course of the next several weeks we are going to go in depth on what a few of us here at Fierce Defender carry on a daily basis. While we are all passionate about being prepared and able to defend ourselves, we all lead unique lives and have different preferences on what we require to be prepared. Note, what we've listed we consistently carry on our immediate person every day (with some slight variation depending on unique circumstances). Something that sits in the car or around the house doesn't count, these things are actually on our person. So here we go!

Jake - President

I’m not married, nor do I have any kids. So I carry what’s necessary for my safety and protection alone. I really like to employ a minimalist style; I want to be able to roll out the door quick and easy. And if weather permits, I'm always in shorts. So I typically have less storage space (and no ankle carry options), than someone who lives in long pants. I don’t like having a lot on my person dragging me down. I want only what I need, in the most minimal way possible.


Jake’s On Person EDC

Minimalist Wallet- Superior to a regular wallet. Drastically cuts down on excess, (who still needs that Visa gift card with .78 cents on it?) and forces you to revisit just the necessaries. Also much easier and more comfortable to carry. No more misaligned hips cause your 1 back pocket sits higher than the other. (Seriously, sitting for hours with a massive back pocket on one side will wreck your posture).

Gerber Multitool- Many different versions available. Mine fits on a keychain and provides some basic, but often used tools. Flathead, Phillips, pry/bottle opener. It’s incredibly durable and indispensable for what little space it takes up. I started carrying this on a whim and have ended up using it countless times.

Watch- (Analog, not just digital. Date)- I’m the watch guy who feels naked without one. I have a variety for different occasions, but they’re all durable, and analog. Smartwatches are cool until they need charged; which is often. Battery powered is fine and will last plenty long, a self winding one will always work for you (providing you keep up on it). Having the date on the watch is always a nice bonus.

Side arm- My daily carry varies between a few different models, depending on the weather, what I'm feeling, and where I may be going. A Glock 43 prints less and is more comfortable in the summer than a CZ P-07, for example. The consistent factor between them all is that I am very familiar with each one, they are all reliable, and I'm at the very least competent shooting each of them. 

Fierce Defender Holster- Obviously this one goes without saying, but we do have quite a few different styles! If I'm not testing a new prototype, I'm probably rocking either the +1 or the original Winter Warrior. Both are comfortable and easy to put on quick, and the +1 provides the mag carrier; extra rounds are always nice!

Pocket knife (seatbelt cutter, glass breaker)- This particular pocket knife was actually a gift to me. And while it's not the sharpest in the world, it has some key qualities about it. It's easy to conceal and deploy, but also has a good sized blade on it. The seatbelt cutter and glass breaker are an excellent addition that makes it incredibly useful during a car wreck. So if I switch out and carry a different knife, this is at least always in the Jeep. Just a fantastic multi-purpose item that is indispensable both as a tool and a weapon. 

It’s tough to highlight just one EDC item that I recommend the most. Since I go minimalist, all are very important to me; none of them I view as excess. However, I am looking into supplementing my EDC with either some form of light, or medical gear. And maybe a fixed blade. Regardless of what I add, you can be sure it'll be durable, minimalist, and very useful. What's in your EDC?

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