FD EDC Series - Part 2

This week's EDC series is brought to you by our Head Manufacturing Manager, who prefers to keep his real name private and instead just go by "Shotgun Nut."

Shotgun Nut - Head Manufacturing Manager

Being a husband and a father of two there's more than just me to consider when I go for a stroll amongst the Sheep. That being said, I've had more than a day or two to evolve my EDC into tiers that are both light (enough), proven, affordable, and dependable. My core carry without pistol weighs in at a mere 1lb 8.9oz.

My Tier 1 consists of:

Pistol- This varies depending on season and mood. The only constant is that I carry one everyday, wrapped in Storm Grey Fierce Defender kydex, of course.

Knife- I carry a Kershaw Blur, and have for years. I've tried to destroy this thing and it continues to surprise me every day.

Light- My Streamlight protac 2L is durable and affordable and has never let me down.

Timepiece- Right now I wear a  cheapo Timex until I decide on the right self winding whatever, with a Suunto  mini compass attached to the band. Good enough for now. I'm too chicken to work in my Omega.

Leatherman Wave- It has everything else I could possibly need in as little space as possible.

I carry my ID, CCW, a card or two, and a few bills in a slimline wallet in my front pocket. What more do you need?

I keep peanut lighter tinder and a micro flashlight on my keychain just 4 shitz and giggles.

   Though everyone's EDC evolves slowly, I've narrowed this down to an extremely versatile, lightweight, on the move package. Everything one chooses to EDC is a trade-off of one sort or another, we can't all walk around with a 35 litre pack strapped to our back 24/7. I leave those things in the Jeep. (more on that later)

  See before you are seen. Listen twice as much as you talk and forever be aware of your surroundings. Stay grey my friends. Shotgunut out!

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