Should You Have A Light Bearing Kydex Holster?

Should You Have A Light Bearing Kydex Holster?

So this is a trick question.  What you really have to decide is if you should put a light on your everyday carry firearm and have a dedicated light-bearing holster.  You don’t want a space for your light if you aren’t rocking the lumens.  To have the perfect fit, you would not put a firearm without a light in a Kydex holster designed for one.  So let’s explore the reasons for having a light on your EDC (even if you are a reverse vampire and only go out during the day).  You can also check out our Holster and Light Bundles for some ideas and context.

However, you run your EDC firearm is part of an overall strategy preparedness strategy that you should put some thought into.  There is an invisible line for gear.  If you take too much into the field, you are officially hiking (We are talking to you Massad Ayoob).  How to be prepared is not a new debate in American culture.  It is in our cultural DNA from the very beginning.

The Most Prepared Man In American History

Benjamin Franklin is one of our most famous founding fathers.  He was an inventor, writer, diplomat, and scientist all at the same time.  There is a fancy word you can use to describe a person like this and it fits Franklin perfectly:  Polymath.  (Pro tip: If someone on social media ever uses this word to describe themselves it is a red flag and blockworthy). 

The man was a super genius but he did not just ‘wing it’ (or what I like to call ‘bad range prep’).  He famously said:  "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail".  So let’s take this very smart man’s advice and try to answer the question: Does a light on your EDC actually make you more prepared so that you should use one, and therefore, get a Kydex holster with a light cut?

(Just because Franklin uses an old-timey quill and inkpot doesn’t mean you should be rocking a vintage leather holster.  Revisit our rationale on why you should use Kydex for your holsters here:  What You Should Look For In A Kydex Holster).

Should You EDC With A Light?

First, it is important to separate a tactical situation from a safety situation.  You should not get a light on your gun solely because you think you will want to be able to see things when it gets dark.  That is what a regular run-of-the-mill flashlight is for.  If you are in a park at night and you pull out your gun so you can see where to walk, this has the potential to cause all sorts of problems.  That said, if you are in a low-light situation and things go sideways you are going to be glad you have some lumens on your firearm handy.  Why?

The majority of defensive encounters happen in low-light conditions.  Source?  Common sense reply guy.  Bad guys don’t like the light of day and concealed, dark areas are their preferred area of operations.  Still don’t think this is the case?  Statistics do indeed say that most violent crime happens at night.  If you draw your weapon, a light can help you confirm your assessment of danger and help with getting rounds on target.

Also your EDC gun can, in fact, also be your home defense gun if you only want to train with one firearm.  There is a school of thought that says it is better to put 10,000 through one gun than 5,000 (EDC) and 5,000 (Home).  I say buy two guns, two holsters, and put 10k through both but that’s just me. 

At the end of the day it is a personal choice if you go with a light or not.  I do know that if there is some life or death situation where you need it but didn’t have it you probably wish you did.  Plan accordingly.

Either way, we make holsters with and without a light cut because we know people are different.  Whichever way you go, we have what you need when you forge your own Kydex holster.

Lights For Kydex Holster Quick Fire Questions

Can I use my light-bearing holster without a light on my firearm?

Our Kydex holsters are molded specifically to match a firearm with a light on it.  Take off the light and extra space is created which can cause retention issues.  Make a choice and roll with it western man.

Does having a light on the firearm change anything about the Kydex holster’s functionality?

Adding a light to your firearm makes it heavier.  This may impact the draw and sight acquisition if you are not used to it.  The solution to this “problem” is the same as always.  Train like you carry.

Are there any indirect advantages to having a light on your gun?

Reply guys on social media like to claim a heavier gun has less recoil because of science or something. Ok, maybe, but there are a lot of other ways to make your gun heavier like, I don’t know, buying a bigger one.  Figure out which gun you can use safely and accurately, then decide if you want to be able to rock some lumens or not.  Stop trying to be Ben Franklin smarty pants.  

Other than the light cut, are there other changes you need to make on a Kydex holster?

Because your firearm will now be heavier, some people prefer different options to fasten the holster to your belt.  This is a personal preference thing and you can look at all of our attachment options when you forge your own Kydex Holster HERE


Now, be like Ben Franklin and go get a Kydex holster so you can be prepared in the way that is the best for you light or no light..

Have a good one,


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