The Uninfringed IWB Kydex Holster

$ 70.98

Product Description

        The Uninfringed is one of our most sleek and concealable holsters yet. The Claw attachments pushes against your belt and increases concealment. We've also added a concealment wedge on the backside of the holster that helps ensure the top of the gun stays angled in towards your body. As if this isn't enough concealment already, this holster rocks a tuckable clip that hooks solidly onto the bottom of your belt. So it works great for business wear or any situation that requires a tucked in shirt. Finally, this holster is already cut to accomodate any Red Dot optics, RMR's, etc. If you're looking for a high end, comfortable, and very concealable carry option, then look no further than the Uninfringed. You'll be the only one who knows you're wearing it, and with the comfort you may even forget yourself.


  • Thick .08 Boltaron material that is strong, durable, and molded specifically for your weapon
  • Adjustable Retention so you can get the perfect fit
  • Features "Claw" and Concealment Wedge that reduces printing and increases concealment
  • Tuckable Clip attaches firmly to your belt and works for a variety of carry situations
  • Flared opening allows for easy re-holstering