The Arbiter Tuckable IWB Kydex Holster

$ 44.98

Product Description

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The Arbiter holster allows you to carry concealed in style. The clip on this model is "tuckable" which allows you to carry IWB and tuck your shirt in over your holster. A fantastic option for those who wear a shirt and tie every day or just like to keep it classy.

You are here because you are looking for a concealment solution for your pistol that is comfortable and affordable, yet also high in quality. Like you, we take carrying a concealed weapon very seriously. As a fellow CCW License holder and firearm enthusiast, we have made changes to the way that we put together our holsters so that when you put it on every morning, it becomes a part of you. You will have a holster perfectly tailored to your weapon, that will last for years to come.

  • Tuckable clip allows you the option of tucking your shirt in over the holster
  • Made with high quality components, meant to last a lifetime
  • Adjustable retention so you can get the perfect fit
  • Thick .08 Kydex material that is strong, durable, and molded specifically for your weapon; providing a consistently smooth draw
  • Fully covers trigger and backside of gun, providing safety and protection from sweat
  • Great for appendix, hip, side, and back carry.
  • Slim, compact design allows for highest level of concealment
  • 100 year guarantee against all manufacturer defects

And of course, made here in the USA.