Range Safety

1. Always treat a gun as if it were loaded- It's simple common sense, but unfortunately not always followed. While guns are ultimately tools, they are also deadly. And this rule doesn't mean treat the gun differently after you've checked to see it's unloaded. ALWAYS, act as if the gun is loaded. So, loaded or not, you should never find yourself pointing a gun at someone who is not an immediate threat to your life; whom you are willing and preparing to shoot. The importance of this rule cannot be overstated, and if followed, will be your foundation for good gun safety for years to come.  2. Never point your weapon at something you are not ready and willing to...

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Dry Fire Safety

        Dry firing a gun with when you go through the whole process of shooting a gun, including pulling the trigger, but without any ammo in it. Dry firing can have many positive benefits and can be especially helpful to newer shooters. It allows one to practice different movements, drills, form, weapon drawing etc., all without the danger of a loaded weapon. And it's of course cheaper than going to the range every time you want to practice. However, while the very act of dry firing a weapon is in no way dangerous, the whole process is. You can find plenty of examples on the internet where somebody thought the weapon was unloaded and they went to...

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