Let’s Take a Look at Fierce Defender Holster Reviews

Finding kydex gun holsters that are well-made, use high quality materials, and work the way they’re supposed to can be a massive challenge. Factor in cost and the search becomes even more difficult and time consuming. Luckily for you, Fierce Defender makes the best kydex holster on the market today that also meets all of the criteria mentioned above.

We’ve spent plenty of time concocting our holsters in order to make sure they fit the bill. As a matter of fact, our general rule is that if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we’ll never make it. It’s as simple as that. We want each and every one of our customers to be completely satisfied with our holsters and that’s what we have at the front of our minds every time we approach designing a new holster.

So whether you're looking for the most comfortable holster for your Glock or you’re seeking a concealed carry option for your Ruger that’s undetectable to the eye, we have you covered.

But What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Of course all of this effort on our part is completely useless unless our customers are actually putting their holsters to good use and finding that they hold up to their needs. That’s why in today’s blog, we want to highlight a handful of recent reviews so you can see what people are actually saying about Fierce Defender’s kydex gun holsters. Keep reading to learn more!

Kevin’s Review

“The finest holster ever, huh? Well for this one I have to AGREE with you. I've been in law enforcement for thirty years plus and carrying inside the pants is now extremely easy and comfortable; this holster is amazing [and] putting it on is a breeze and after adjusting some retention screws it fits my Glock 19 perfectly. I love it! Went to the range with it this morning [and it] retains the weapon well.” -Kevin

Thanks so much for your kind words, Kevin! We want people to have concealed carry holster options that work for them and we’re so glad to hear that a law enforcement officer has put one of our holsters to the test and found that it’s well suited to the task at hand. Thanks again for your review and we hope that you’ll love your new holster for years to come!

An Anonymous Review

“I was unsure what to expect from the Fierce Defender ‘Arbiter’ Series holster... I purchased a Fierce Defender Hybrid holsters a few years ago and it has held up fairly well. Pictures of the Arbiter looked cool, but that means nothing until you have it in your hand and try it out.

I was happily surprised - this holster is well designed and extremely effective. Kydex holster companies tend to copy each other - producing the same design of IWB holster over and over again. I have seen this clip location before but that is where the similarities ended. Contact points inside the holster are minimal with extra room on the sides, and most of the retention is on the trigger guard. You should feel no stress holstering and re-holstering a brand new Glock, it has a slick inside, reducing friction on the gun. Also - to be clear - if you own the new Glock 36 (with rail) - this holster fits it perfectly. I will be using this for my Glock 17, 19 and 36, even a 34. One of the most versatile holsters I have come across in a long time.” -Anonymous

We’re so glad to hear that you’re enjoying your new Fierce Defender holster. We put a lot of thought and effort into creating a holster that would keep your firearm securely in place while also allowing you to draw quickly in the event that you need your weapon. Our team also knew that we didn’t want to simply make another clone of the holsters that are on the market, so we set out to make something that’s unique in our line of work.

HC’s Review

“I bought this as a last-minute fix. We were taking a road trip vacation and needed a holster for our Glock 43. I wasn't expecting it to be perfect or to perform exceptionally (especially at the price) but I figured it would be better than trying to walk around with it in a waistband or stuffed into a pocket.

Well, surprise! This little holster was not only comfortable, it allowed for a quick and reliable draw every single time. As a nice bonus, the lightweight quality of pistol and holster, made it a pleasure to carry all day long. In fact, there were a couple of times I went to put my hand into a pocket, only to suddenly recall I was carrying concealed at the time - now that's a comfortable holster!

Reasonable price, comfortable, quick draw but holds the pistol securely? 5 stars and the only holster I'll ever need to get for my G43. Well done!“

Glad to hear that you found a comfortable holster through Fierce Defender, HC. And thank you for such a kind and thoughtful review! As we mentioned above, we’re proud of our holsters and we wouldn’t carry them ourselves if we weren’t. Here’s to hoping you get many more years of practical enjoyment from your holster!

Order Yours Today

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these Fierce Defender holster reviews and that if you were on the fence that your concerns have been soothed. Our team is fully committed to providing a great product at a great price that’s made right here in the United States to the highest possible quality standards. We’re constantly innovating and we offer a number of different kydex gun holsters that ought to suit you no matter what your particular needs are. Order yours today!

  • Troy says...

    Do you have a holster that fits the s&w M&P shield with the 3.1” barrel with the Olight mini 2 light/laser?

    On February 22, 2022

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