Is a Custom Gun Holster Part of Your EDC?

Here at Fierce Defender, we take our everyday carry items pretty seriously. After all, most of us are somewhat limited in what we can carry with us in our pockets, so it’s an absolute necessity to make your EDC count. For us, it starts (of course!) with one of our custom gun holsters.

Where does it go from there? The options are nearly endless. Luckily for you, today’s blog is all about tracking down the essentials of your EDC, weighing the pros and cons, and making an informed decision about what suits you perfectly.

It all starts with a custom gun holster. And at Fierce Defender, when we truly put the “custom” in our custom gun holsters. Choose your model of firearm, hand, color, belt attachment, and whether or not you want a sweatshield, and the end result is a custom concealed carry holster that suits your needs perfectly.

No matter how you prefer to carry your weapon, you’ll find that the custom gun holsters from Fierce Defender are the first building block in your everyday carry items.

The Perfect Custom Gun Holster: Check.

Once you’ve ordered one of our custom gun holsters, the next step is deciding what else you want to carry with you on an everyday basis. Keep reading for a few suggestions and keep in mind, of course, that each person’s needs will vary, so if you find something on the list that doesn’t apply to you, feel free to skip it.


No matter who you are, there’s a great chance that you’ll need a wallet to carry your driver license, credit cards, and a bit of cash. We’re fans of minimalism, so we recommend something that’s built only to carry what you need, ensuring that you don’t get a case of back pain like George Costanza.


It’s never a bad idea to keep your keys well-organized. Something that reduces the amount of pointy keys in your pocket that keeps everything in its right place like the KeySmart ought to do the trick!

Pocket Knife

Whether you opt for something super tactical or something a little more old school, having a pocket knife on hand will come in handy on almost a daily basis. From opening packages to propping a door open, they’ll save your behind often.


In this day and age, carrying a handkerchief is almost a thing of the past, but it shouldn’t be. Hand it to your special lady when she tears up (if it’s clean), get the dust off of your cell phone, or blow your nose in an emergency. Trust us, you’ll be glad to have it.

Pocket Notebook

Sure, you could use your cell phone (which is likely also a part of your everyday carry), but instead of juggling endless note taking apps, why not just get a notebook from Field Notes and be done with it? Whether you use it to keep notes, make doodles, or write a letter, you’ll be glad to have it.

Everything Else

There are a number of other things you could carry with you from a backpack to a lighter to your favorite watch, or even a small medical kit. Again, the key is to choose the items that you feel will benefit you best on a daily basis. For some, minimalism is key. For others, carrying a backpack with an iPad, cold medicine, and a couple of snacks is best. Plan for what you need, and carry what’s necessary.

Our Instagram Page is updated daily and typically features the items we carry on a daily basis; feel free to use it as visual inspiration for your own EDC!

Need a Custom Gun Holster?

Whether it’s a .380 Bodyguard holster, an LC9 holster, or a P22 holster, you’ll find exactly what you need at Fierce Defender. Our goal is to set you up for success with one of the best holsters available that will be there for you when you need it the most. Order yours today!

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